ROBUCHE is born from the fusion of the two forces of Lou Buche and Javier Rodriguez (1991). 

ROBUCHE is a quick thinker that translates ideas into images in unconventional ways. Parasites the formats exploring the porosity of the media, reorganising and distorting the established production flows to develop its own language at the intersections of art and design. Endless forms of conversation and experimentation are at the core of the work. Everything is an image. Energetic visualisations are executed as paintings, sculptures and design artefacts. 

Contact for inquiries : robucheworld@gmail.com

Instagram : @robuche_

Solo Exhibitions

Efe, My Monkey Gallery, Nancy (FR), June 2023
Travelling without Moving, Future Gallery, Berlin (DE), June 2022
Window Chopped, Snacks Amsterdam, Amsterdam (NL), December 2021
Where Is Rolly?, Everyday Gallery, Antwerp (B), November 2021
Veneno, Monederos Gallery, Madrid (ES), February 2020
Circular Breathing, Foco Gallery, Lisbon (PT), December 2019
Merchandise Landscapes, He.Ro Gallery, Amsterdam (NL), April 2019
El Jardin De Las Delicias, WOW Gallery, Amsterdam (NL), March 2019

Group Exhibitions

NFT & Design, IHAM Galerie, Paris, (FR), September 2021
Licra, Sala de arte Joven, Madrid, (ES), September 2021
Limbo II, Everyday gallery, Antwerp, (BEL), July 2020
Faux Amis, Claptrap, Antwerp (BE), December 2019
Hors Jeu, Looiersgracht 60, Amsterdam (NL), June 2019
In Real Life, Everyday gallery, Antwerp, (BEL), May 2019
Kuntsrai Art fair, with WOW gallery, Amsterdam (NL), April 2019
Palace of Play with Morph love collective, Bruxelles, (BEL), April 2019
Communal leakings, Macao, Milan (IT), November 2018
Radical Cut up Exhibition, Melkweg expo, Amsterdam (NL), June 2018
Eye See you, Not in New-York Gallery, Rotterdam (NL), January 2018
One Thousand Leaves, (with Kevin Bray and Messgewand), ISO gallery, Amsterdam (NL), November 2017
Vincent On Friday VJ, (with Fanfare), Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam (NL), January 2017


Oreri, Cagliari (IT), September 2020
Alpha Brussels, Bruxelles (BE), June-July 2020
Third Base Residency, Lisbon (PT), Otcober-December 2019
B/channel— Carte Blanche by Fanfare & Plat, Fanfare, Amsterdam (NL), March 2019


Art Viewer, Robuche at Future-gallery, 2022
Het Parool, interview by Kees Keijer, 2021
Stuck Magazine Issue 000 www.stuck-magazine.com, 2021
Trust, respect one love at the core of each collaboration, www.collide24.org, 2020
Veneno: Robuche, Plataforma de arte contemporáneo Madrid, 2020
Veneno, Good Sessions, 2020
Radical Cut Up, Nothing Is Original, Sternberg press, 2019
On Postmodernism, Damn Magazine, 2019
Radical Cut-Up Lodown, Lodown Magazine, 2019

Javier Rodriguez
22.07.1991, Madrid (ES)


2017-2019 — Sandberg Instituut, Radical-Cut Up department, Master in Art & Design degree, Amsterdam (NL)
2012-2015 — Escuela de arte diez, Grado en diseno Grafico, Madrid (ESP)

Lou Buche
21.02.1991, Clermont Ferrand (FR)


2017-2019 — Sandberg Instituut, Radical-Cut Up department, Master in Art & Design degree, Amsterdam (NL)
2012-2015 — Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Graphic design bachelor degree, Amsterdam (NL)
2010-2012 — ESAAB, Visual communication (editing, advertisement, graphic design), Nevers, (FR)